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Connecting your Server to a Domain

This article will cover how you might go about connecting a domain to your Minecraft server.


  • You will need a domain, which can be purchased from a registrar such as Namecheap or GoDaddy
  • You need access to the domain registrar site, having located the 'Advanced DNS Zone' - it could be named something else, but it will be similar

In this example I will be using CloudFlare, however it works the exact same on a different domain registrar site.

Adding an A Record

This section applies to all clients.

  • Set the Name / Subdomain as the prefix for your server (play, mc), if you do not wish to have one, you simply put @.
  • Set the iPv4 address as the IP to your server (without the port)

It's that easy!


Adding an SRV Record

This section applies to clients who have not purchased a Dedicated IP, and therefore have a port on the end of their Server's IP.

  • Set the Type to SRV
  • Set the Service to _minecraft
  • Set the Protocol to TCP
  • Set the Name to a subdomain of your choosing (play, mc), or use @ if you don't want one
  • Set Priority to 5
  • Set Weight to 0
  • Set the port to your Servers port (after the colon (e.g 25569))
  • Set the target to your desired domain (e.g

This method is not recommended and can be buggy. Some domain registrars don't not support this. To remedy this, we recommend you purchase a dedicated IP for only $3 per month, and follow the steps towards the top of the page.

DNS changes are not always instant and can take up to 48hours to change in some cases. Most popular registrars update instantly.