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What is a Dedicated IP?


A dedicated IP means that you have the port 25565 attached to the end of your IP. This therefore means for a user to join your server, they do not need to add the port to the IP (both numerical or domain). For example, if your IP was 123.456.789.123, they would only have to enter that, instead of needing to enter 123.456.789.123:25569 - with the port.

How do you get a dedicated IP?
  • You can purchase a dedicated IP at checkout by selecting it as an additional Addon for $3 monthly
  • If you've already got a server and would like to purchase one, this can be done by opening a billing ticket to request one 


Why might I need a Dedicated IP?
  • If you want to be able to connect to your server without the use of a port
  • If you want to connect your IP to a domain (e.g without the use of unreliable SRV Records.