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How to Change the MOTD

The MOTD, which stands for Message of the Day, is a descriptive text that is displayed on the multiplayer list for players to see before they join a server. This text usually provides information about your server, such as the gamemode or any sales that are currently going on.

You can modify this text by editing, which can be done in multiple ways. You can also add colors to this text to make it stand out and make it more appealing.

Changing the MOTD from the file.
  • Firstly you will need to access You can do this through FTP or “Config Files”, you can access this by going to the left side menu on the Panel under the “Files” section. Once you access this, locate the file named Server Settings and click it.
  • From here you want to locate the Message of the Day section, this is where you can change what you would like it to say. You can use colors by using Minecraft color codes. 
  • After you changed it to your perfect message click save at the bottom of the page and restart your server.
Changing the MOTD from the MOTD Generator.
  • If you need help properly modifying the MOTD we have an in-built generator tool.
  • navigate to the 'Advanced' tab along the left side of the server control panel
  • From this dropdown select the 'MOTD Generator'


  • From this screen you can type the MOTD as you need and apply color and other formatting from the tool bar.  It will preview the MOTD in the upper right corner.
  • This will generate the formatted version of the MOTD for you to add to either the file, or if you are operating a bungee network into the config.yml located in the main directory.