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How to Make and Access Backups

As a server owner, you are bound to run into a situation - such as being griefed - and you would like to rollback your server or world. You can do this by using the backup tool on our panel. We recommend that you take at the very least, daily backups or after anytime a lot of progress is made.

The backup tool will backup your whole server, this includes worlds, files, and player data. The backup will be packaged into a .zip file which can be found under your main directory named “”.

How to Make a New Backup.
  • On the Multicraft Panel navigate to the left sidebar and click “Files”. From there you will select “Backup”.
  • After reaching the Backup page you will want to click start on the top of the screen to start your backup.
  • Once the backup is done it will be sent to your main directory as
  • No more worrying about losing weeks of progress from griefers.
How to Restore a Backup.
  • From the Multicraft Panel, you will want to navigate to “Files” and then to “Backup”.
  • You will see a list of all available Backups to restore from.
  • Select which backup you would like, click restore, and you're all set!
What Happens When I take Multiple Backups?

You can take as many backups as you want, old ones will get a number added onto them. If you make a second backup the old one will be named “” etc.

Each server's storage space is limited to 3 backups.  After hitting the limit the oldest one gets removed and replaced with the newest.

**The newest backup will always be named “”.**